2018 Argo avenger axle removal question

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Thread: 2018 Argo avenger axle removal question

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    2018 Argo avenger axle removal question

    Outer wheel bearing fell apart on my 2018 Argo Avenger hunt master. 2nd from the front on the driver side. I nearly have the axle out but can?t seem to get the inner bearing off to pass thru the bearing flange. There are no set screws holding the bearing. it. Any tips to get the bearing off the shaft so that I can remove the axle from the machine? Is it simply lots of penetrating oil and a bearing puller? Or am I missing something?

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    No u are not missing anything the axle can become a real pain a little corrosion it's like it's welded odd as mine has smal set screws but with the bearing still secured by its flanges and any clips or set screws out or the sprockets the axle end retaining bolt out and washer removed it's a matter of lube and brute force I put a long bolt in the inner axle thread give it some good shots with a hammer as well at the axle flange at th e wheel end if it's so stuck that you might do the axle to much damage then sacrifice the bearing by heating it up bearings cheaper than axles and u have to consider that it is likely best to do both heat can go along way to getting it to release also a slide hammer a helpfully tool in the end heat is ur best friend use caution loads of flammable fluid in the belly of them beasts.Cheers
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    Thanks for the quick reply. There was two holes for set screws which were empty. I read a service bulletin/instruction from Argo that later models no longer use the set screws, so I assume that why they are not installed. (All other inner bearings are same) Will try the bolt trick you mentioned on the end and give couple taps and then maybe combination of slide hammer and bearing remover. Posted pictures in gallery, couldn’t figure out how to attach them to this post.

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    Hmm I wonder why they omitted set screws they are there to be sure the bearing turns with the axle strange I always use them even when I up graded axles u are lucky to educate urself on a easy to get at axle the fronts are a real challenge.Cheers

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    Got inner bearing off and axle removed without any damage. I used a 3/8” bolt and drilled a small divot in the top of bolt then threaded it into thrust bolt location. A quality 3 armed pulley puller just fit and centred using the drilled divot in the bolt. Good thing I figured it out as the axle on the passenger side third from front is coming apart too. Argos are so much fun……thinking the previous owner never greased after going in water as the machine only has about 900 hours on it.

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    Well 900 hrs is a pretty good stretch depending on its usage and service schedule I think u may be in for a full outer replacement in the near future then u will be in good shape and start ur own schedule good luck nice machine.NCT

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    Sorry 900 miles, not hours.

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