Picked up a Hustler not sure what model?

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Thread: Picked up a Hustler not sure what model?

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    Oct 2007
    POR15 makes an excellent seam sealer that I've used on a couple aluminum and stainless fuel tanks. Check Amazon out, comes in a 4 oz. tube. I would also get some rust converter on that frame (water based product, roll on, brush, spray, dries black). The rust converter will last for years on its on. Can be painted over.

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    Overall it cleaned up pretty well but there was some rusted spots so I ended up sandblasting the frame and painted it with Rustoleum 9100 which I already had. I use it on some of the machines I repair.

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    The weather was nice out for once so was able to get the lower tub all cleaned up.

    Got the new parking brake setup sorted out. Along with bilge pump and fuse box mounted.

    Frame is back in the tub, slowly start getting it put back together.

    The axle bearing flanges were sealed with globs of silicone. What is the preferred method? I see Richard's sells calk strips but am not familiar with that product.

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    Feb 2013
    shenendoah valley,va.
    great work ! it looks really good . lots of area to ride from the picture ...jboy

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    Reassembly is going smooth. I kind of forgot how much stuff is packed into the tub.

    You really get to hone your skills with a magnetic pick up tool after the axles and chains go in...

    To help control engine bay temps installed 2 cooling fans. The fans are controlled by a temp switch mounting on the motor.

    After dragging my feet for a while I got around to making an exhaust. Ran the motor for a bit and I'm really happy with the sound. Quiet enough to keep the peace in town but a good throaty growl when stoking the coals.

    Just waiting on heat shield material to box in the exhaust and some misc hardware.

    The bottom half is pretty much done. Next the top half goes on the saw horses and start wiring lights/turn/brake signals, switches and gauges.

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    Got the heat shielding finished up.

    Mounted a 5.2" Spal puller fan where the little scoop is on the side of the body. Holysmokes does that thing move some air, fan is a beast for its size.

    Since I already had to weld a leak in the fuel tank, went ahead and welded in a plate and added a fuel sending unit. Made a dash plate to mount the lighting switches and cover the zillion holes in the dash from previous owners. Added oil pressure, voltage and fuel gauges.

    So that we can drive on the road added turn signals/ brake lights.

    I got about 2 hours of run time on it now. So far everything seems to work perfectly. I hate the throttle response but that's to be excepted with the stock carb/throttle/governor. Next winter I'll throw a Mikuni on it and it'll be good to go.

    Overall very happy with the way the old Hustler turned out. Still need to finish the exhaust port cover plate on the side of the body and a couple little things. New tires came in so hopefully I can get those mounted soon. Also need to dust off the vinyl cutter and make new HUSTLER stickers for the hood and body sides.

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    This looks like a great restobuild! Nice work!!

    Max 6 Wheel Drive

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    Thanks! It was a really enjoyable project. We've put several hours on it so far, what a fun machine! After I get the new tires on we'll head over to the lake by my shop and begin the sea trials..

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    Wow, very nice job!

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    Jan 2014
    clifton IL
    Very nice work!!! This machine was for sale near me in Illinois at one time. I have a 945 with new argo tires and it really scoots through the water.

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