Picked up a Hustler not sure what model?

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Thread: Picked up a Hustler not sure what model?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nortonscustoms View Post
    Remembered one more thing! Was talking to my ag tire guy about the BKT TR315 trencher tire which looks nearly identical to the stock Goodyear's and he suggested I might think about Tracgard N686. I've never heard of them before but they have a sort of similar vee tread design and are low psi ATV tires. Anyone have any thoughts or experience with them?

    Not sure that tire will swim if you plan to, open bars tend to cavitate.
    Try to find a used tire off a super garden tractor.

    My new beer holder spilled some on the trails - in it's hair and down it's throat.
    Joe Camel never does that.

    Advice is free, it's the application that costs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Noel Woods View Post
    Richard's is an option, forum member on this site Whipper has a machine shop in Arizona and has fabricated me some awesome axles for two custom machines over the years. Business name Apache Gear. Lucky for you the older machines didn't have much for wiring. In terms of tires, Muddox sells some great tires that swim in 26x12x12.
    Whipper is no longer a member here and seems to be pretty much out of the AATV game but would still probably do axles and sprockets. He did mine for my 980 and does amazing work. Apache Gear in Glendal AZ is his maching shop
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    Well still waiting on parts. But in the meantime been keeping busy with other bits.

    Made new front and rear bumpers.

    Made a new cargo rack for the back.

    The seat back and bottoms were rotted so made new and had them upholstered.

    Started the main teardown and hope to have the frame out next week. Overall it's in pretty good shape but definitely in need of an overhaul.

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    Looking good! I seem to remember you earlier saying that you had removed the old T20 because it was rusty. Did you find a replacement for it yet, or are you going another route?

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    Actually that was the original winch that was rusted solid. I bought a new Badlands that should work well. The transmission seemed to work fine but since I'll have it out figure might as well go through it. Talked to Richards and ordered new bands, seals and shims. Hopefully I don't find any surprises in inside.

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    beautiful work ...jboy

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    My winter slow time hasn't really been a thing this year but I'm slowly pecking away at the 980 project.

    Got the frame removed and begun cleaning/painting.

    Tore the trans apart and rebuilt it.

    All 4 mounting bolts were loose and 3 of the holes had broken bolts in them. Clearly the trans had come loose more than once. Extracted the broken bolts and Heli coiled all the holes. Decided to use automotive studs instead of bolts.

    Welded 4 additional bolts to the lower part of the trans cradle and made lock plates. Even if the nut comes loose the stud is retained by the plate.

    Also made 4 locking bars for the top of the trans as well. I'm pretty confident once everything is torqued down the trans should stay put.

    While rebuilding the trans the sloppy nature of the trans shifting diamonds drove me nuts. So tapped and installed shoulder bolts along with a new support bracket and turned some delrin bushings. They rotate in their bores nice a smooth now without that tipping action.

    Saw on this site some guys had made a twin stick arrangement and really liked the idea so made my own. The new shifter fits in the same location as the stock single lever.

    Only required some minor mods to make work in the rear.

    Got the new 23hp Vanguard fitted and motor mount, location, belts, ect sorted out. Hope to finish the parking brake and start turning the axles this week. Goal is late spring to have it all back together.
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    Tremendous work! I have owned 2 Hustlers in my youth but never a 980. I would love to have one but it would have to be near complete. I do not have your abilities!!

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    Some further thoughts a 980 with enough motor and addair tracks has to be near perfection!

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    Slowly getting things done as time allows. The to-do list keeps getting shorter. Finished the new axles and sprockets along with a bunch of miscellaneous bits.

    New heavy duty 1.25" axle next the original. Also changed the front and rear sprockets use two pins like the center sprockets. Found a couple broken pins under the motor mount which leads me to believe they were prone to breaking. Figure it wouldn't hurt since I'm putting a 23hp in it.

    Some of the misc bits like the chain tensioner rollers. Steel sleeved then so they can spin free while tightened down.

    My goal is to have to exhaust and motor ducting exit out the side like the original setup so a custom muffler will need to be made. The parts to make the muffle came in the other day.

    I found a crack and small leak in the fuel tank....so that may lead me down another rabbit hole of mods.

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