Picked up a Hustler not sure what model?

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Thread: Picked up a Hustler not sure what model?

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    Thanks guys!

    Not sure where the previous owner got it from but I picked it up in Steward IL. I'm just down the road in Rochelle. Glad to know there's at least 2 Hustlers in IL.

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    Well got the new tires on. Taking the old Goodyear's off about killed me. Those things put up a fight!

    The new tires are about an inch taller and wider. Luckily the two rear clear each other but its close. Also blasted the wheels and color matched them to the body.

    It rides a little smoother now with new softer tires. So far off road it performs great, climbs hills like a mountain goat.

    Finished the exhaust body trim and added more Dynamat to a couple hot spots in the engine bay. Had to duct the main cooling fan to better direct the air flow. Drove it for 2 hours today in about 90 degree weather and the CHT's sat right were they should with no overheating of the body.

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    Post up a video

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