Picked up a Hustler not sure what model?

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Thread: Picked up a Hustler not sure what model?

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    Thanks guys!

    Not sure where the previous owner got it from but I picked it up in Steward IL. I'm just down the road in Rochelle. Glad to know there's at least 2 Hustlers in IL.

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    Well got the new tires on. Taking the old Goodyear's off about killed me. Those things put up a fight!

    The new tires are about an inch taller and wider. Luckily the two rear clear each other but its close. Also blasted the wheels and color matched them to the body.

    It rides a little smoother now with new softer tires. So far off road it performs great, climbs hills like a mountain goat.

    Finished the exhaust body trim and added more Dynamat to a couple hot spots in the engine bay. Had to duct the main cooling fan to better direct the air flow. Drove it for 2 hours today in about 90 degree weather and the CHT's sat right were they should with no overheating of the body.

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    Post up a video

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    Noel I will try to put something together to post a video.

    So far the Hustler has been a beast! We've been wheeling it pretty hard and it continues to surprise me what it'll make it through. But found the first weak link, was deep in the middle of the woods and the left side control lever broke off. That was fun getting home. Of course it was the only thing I didn't touch during the rebuild. There were no weep holes at the bottom, it filled with water and rusted out. New tubing is on order.

    Also managed to mangle the drain tube which now leaks like crazy. I think I'll machine a more robust part rather than replace it with another boat drain.

    The project continues.
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    Argo makes the best drain plug assemblies these days. Most Hustlers only have one plug so I suggest if that is the case for yours to add a 2nd one.

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    Thanks for the tip, I will check out the Argo plugs.

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    Got everything fixed and made couple changes. Moved the controls over 1.5" to the right to have room for my foot. Made a new floorboard. The new laterals are a little thicker wall tube, original was 0.065" new are 0.085" wall and went with 4130 DOM. They'll last longer than me. Also made them fit into sockets and are held with locking pins. The sockets have drain holes at the bottom so hopefully they wont fill with water like the OEM setup. Can now remove the floorboard much easier as well.

    Ordered an Argo drain plug kit but was worried about it getting broken so ended up using on a boat live well.

    Made a heavy duty low profile drain setup that I think well hold up well.

    Excited to have the 980 back up and running.

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    clifton IL
    Curious as to how the new tires are working?? I just picked up a 980 tall tub myself, have any of those old goodyears left by chance??

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    Dave, so far I have no complaints. They work great in mud and seem to swim okay, well go straight that is. Turning is a bit a challenge in water. As far as the old Goodyear's, I still have all of them. They are a bit rough but have plenty of tread. Would need to run tubes. You're welcome to them if you want them.

    Couple photos "testing" the tires.

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