Recently purchased a late 60s Terra Tiger as my entry into the 6x6 world.
I've already moved it on to a new enthusiastic owner, however wanted to make a record of the work done on it. Unfortunately I had not gotten on to this forum until recently.

Pretty simple machine, took more time then money given what I had.
Set myself a budget on this build, which was a good thing given I've been known to dump $$$ into cool things, like my landcruiser and my 56GMC, like them the Terra Tiger was cool. 😎

It had a (prior to me) Rotax 299 installed, very similar setup to the JLO it came with.

My primary work was machining down the axles for TRX 125 hubs which I had a few laying around, and I ended up buying a few more sets for under $40 per set.
Then finding locally a set of matching wheels ( although the tires didn't match, didn't find out the importance until later)

While posting on local FB groups I found a later TT18 tub that has extra parts, primary a drive axle.
While having mine only drive forward (the jackknife clutches not having enough material to independently drive) the parts machine allowed me to get the unit finished. However also told me the limit of the unit, and unfortunately that it would not accomplish what I had in mind for it as a hunting rig.

Never the less I had committed this far and knew I wouldn't be able to sell it unless I finished the work. So I concluded my shirt journey be finishing the aluminum frame and rain guard, cleaning it up and needing sure it was functional.

Lot of details and work missing. Can definitely answer any questions.
Now to start working on the Hustler/Sidewinder I picked up!