2018 frontier SE 6x6

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Thread: 2018 frontier SE 6x6

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    2018 frontier SE 6x6

    I have A 2018 Frontier SE 6x6 with A Kohler Command Pro engine . seems to have A fuel delivery problem . I took the fuel line off the pump on the valve overturned the engine over and A little gas came out -- not as much as I would think--Then I find out that there is A second pump electric very hard to get to and lots of bucks----how do I determine which one is bad-----When I squirt gas in the intake the engine runs--- Thank you'll for any input--Gunner11--side note I ordered the valve cover pump figured the cheaper one and simpler to put in to start with.

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    if the electric isn't tied to the oil pressure to run (ie: no oil pressure, no fuel pump) then checking it is easy. Turn the key on and see if it makes a whirring noise or if fuel squirts out the end of the hose.

    I'd probably just bypass the electric pump if it's too expensive and install a high quality aftermarket one. You can get anything from a couple psi ones for carbs to 40-50 psi for most fuel injected engines. Costs somewhere around 50 bucks from most auto stores.

    Keep in mind electric fuel pumps like to push fuel,not pull. So it should be mounted relatively close to the fuel tank rather than up by the engine. They also prefer a "positive feed", which means they prefer to be below the level of the fuel in the tank, so gravity keeps it fed.

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