Tracks options for max 2

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Thread: Tracks options for max 2

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    Hi Nortoncustoms
    Awesome tracks and exactly what I want to do, I am in Northern Maine.
    what are your angle grouser dimensions and how far apart did you space them?

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    Hi Noel
    Do you have the tracks still? Give me a pm if you can. thanks

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    Jul 2008
    Sarasota, FL
    Be super careful running rubber tracks without bearing cages, otherwise you are at high risk of bending or snapping an axle. We can offer a new set of MAX 2 rubber trucks (just tracks without bearing cages, track rails or extensions) with the original MAX cast aluminum guides for $2,800.

    But you will need 3" spacers, and like I mentioned, bearing cages and track rails.

    The MSRP of our new MAX 2 kit is $4,099, but we are running a 10% off discount right now for new MAX accessories. Our full MAX 2 track package includes the tracks, bearing cages with bearings/flanges/gaskets/hardware, track rails, and 6 wheel extensions. There's a lot required to have a proper setup and not risk breaking your machine just by slapping tracks on it.

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