Busco Spring 2024 April 5th-7th

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Thread: Busco Spring 2024 April 5th-7th

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    May 2010
    Chantilly Virginia

    I'm here - Been here since Monday evening

    Since last Oct I did a complete frame-out rebuild. Three Axles, two sprockets, five idle Bearings, all new chains, all new bearings, and a lot of time. Oh yea, had to rebuild the transmission as well (broken band from last time). Not sure that I got all the adjustments done, but I'm sure that someone will have time to tell me.

    My winch stopped working (replaced yesterday), and now I'm hearing chain binding noises on the right side. Have to figure that out. It's a good thing I like working on my Max IV.

    The Trails were dry (mostly) but it rained last night (a lot) so they might be better. As soon as I figure out the chain noises I will go see.

    Looking forward to seeing everyone, this looks like it's going to be a good weekend.


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    Feb 2013
    shenendoah valley,va.
    great riding this time at busco ...really good mud all over in the woods . some dead ends cause no way to keep going . had 13 machines out sat . afternoon and were blessed with don kenyon and his boys , lewis and his grandson , fred and his son and little girl and martin and bonnie and their dogs and other regulars. just a few breakdowns and tows . my max 2 highboy performed best ever !! plenty of power and no breakdowns . thanks all for showing up ...really fun . johnboy va.

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    May 2009
    NJ 08533
    Great to see everyone again, great riding especially Wednesday and Thursday.

    My new beer holder spilled some on the trails - in it's hair and down it's throat.
    Joe Camel never does that.

    Advice is free, it's the application that costs.

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    Jul 2011
    Clarkesville, GA
    Great seeing everyone. Had a great weekend, wish wind would have slowed down, didn't ride as much as usual. Doesn't help when stuff breaks lol. Everyone take care until next time

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