The ultimate hustler build. I want input.

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Thread: The ultimate hustler build. I want input.

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    The ultimate hustler build. I want input.

    Just purchase this Hustler the other day, and I'm ready to build. The goal of this build is to make it as reliable, and Powerful as possible. It currently has the original yellow Kohler engine, that actually runs surprisingly well. I however plan on putting a 25+hp engine into it. I'm currently looking at 27 horsepower Kohler. The tires on it are pretty ate up, but I'm hoping I can keep them to use for a set of tracks that hopefully one of you has for sale? Not even sure what kind of tracks this thing requires. I also plan on spending a lot of time in the water, so I assume I'm going to need to replace all of my bearings and seals. The chain tensioners on it are crap right now. I've been trying to look up through the forums at the custom tensioners you guys have made, but the internet at my parents Farm in Illinois is almost non-existent. The sprocket's teeth do not look to be horrible however, the shear pin holes are wallowed out. As I recall there is a guy that sold weld on fixes for that. If you guys have any good ideas, or upgrades I should make along the way on this build, I'd love to hear them. I just wanted it to be an absolute Beast on the trails and in the creeks. Doesn't have to go super fast, just has to go up any Hill. I'm guessing I immediately need a new clutch and spring, as well as a new belt. Hopefully I can Source these things through you guys and keep the money in the community.
    I'm currently having to hand shift the transmission, as there's no original linkage at all. Anybody got one of those laying around?

    As soon as I can figure out how to resize pictures from my phone and upload them I will.

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    Figured out how to get the picture up.
    Also, I used the search bar, but had no luck. I'm hoping someone has the part numbers for the following parts.
    Part numbers for
    Inner and outer bearings
    Inner and outer flanges

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    Alan, where in Illinois are you located? I'm in Rochelle. Have a bunch of stuff left over from my 980 rebuilt/repower. Including the stock shifter and control rod.

    While researching engines for a repower I found after 23hp most manufactures go to a larger block and output shaft. The larger driven clutches needed can lead to clearance problems with the body while trying to maintain proper center line with the trans driven pulley. Not saying it can't be done but something to think about. As far as power, my 23hp will easily flip the 980 over backwards on a steep enough hill. And that's stock. Hotter cam, valve springs and some jetting it would be down right scary.

    6x6 Parts has those weld on repair washers for the sprockets along with just about everything else. Measure your axles and then search "insert bearings" You'll find what you need.

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    I live on a farm outside Elmwood. Looks like I'm about 2 hours from you. I'd be interested to know what you had to sell. I think I'm going to make my own shifter linkages so that I can shift each side independently.

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