Driven clutch removal

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Thread: Driven clutch removal

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    Driven clutch removal

    Hi I have a 2007 Argo Avenger EFI , I am trying to pull the Invance driven clutch and it is not budging. Any tricks to get it off . I soaked the shaft as best I could with penetrating oil.
    I am pulling it to overhaul as I am having problems power wise once the drive has been worked for 30 minutes or so. When I first start out it seems fine and then the power goes to pot. It looks like the shoes are worn down as I can see there has been some metal rubbing on the movable sheeve. If I stop the vehicle and restart it , it goes fine for a while and then again loads down the engine. The engine , transmission and chain systems are all fine. So other than the clutch system I can see no reason for this. The system at idle and no load speed does just what it is supposed to do, according to the Argo service manual. I've had clutch problems with snowmobiles that caused problem similar to this and that's another reason I believe it's the clutches at fault. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

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    I recently removed my clutch for the first time ever from an '04 avenger 600 hrs. I'm not sure if my clutch is the same as yours. The bolt came off relatively easy. I was able to get it off the shaft without too much trouble as the factory guy used plenty of anti seize when it was installed. I used a pry bar to get it started and carefully tapped the sides of the clutch and it slid off. There are a couple of you tube videos of the clutch disassembly and assembly . Look for the Rock Doctors one from a dozen years or so ago. His was especially helpful as I dont have any of the special tools and he used things most people have. Good luck

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    I’ve had to use a long pry bar from on top. Make sure you don’t get into the seal on transmission case. I’ve also had to heat the hub slightly to help release. Are you sure the engine isn’t loosing power? I don’t think they put the tank strainers on the drop tubes until 2010 but I’ve had several plugged up and that really makes the power go away. Usually get poor idle when fuel pressure drops a few pounds.

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    Have you used a puller? I had one built by a machine shop when I needed to work on my clutch. Mine's an '07 Avenger as well. I don't recall having any issues, once I sprayed it, and used a puller.

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