First: wow this machine is fast and it gets to the top speed quickly! Got to 25 mph fast and showed 26 MPH one time. I don't remember my 750 Kohler or my 6x6 HD with a 23 horse Briggs being any where near this fast.

Second: the new clutch system is very abrupt and you have to learn to roll the throttle on very carefully to keep the machine from jerking.

Third: This new clutch system may give you more torque but it comes with a price and that price is a drive belt that loves to howl or squeak. All that drive belt noise may go away with time, we will have to see.

Fourth: I have the 24 inch tires on the machine and this Argo seems to swim a lot better than my previous machines. Seat of the pants says over 3 MPH.

Fifth: The new metal floor under the drivers feet likes to rattle and that can be annoying if you don't quickly realize where the noise is coming from.

Sixth: Love the low range, nothing beats an Argo low range when you really need those lower gears.

Seventh: The machine is very impressive with just tires, I had no issues pulling out of two different ponds with a very steep climb angles.

Eight: As good as the machine is it is going to be better once I get the Alaska Bush tracks on the machine. Turning on and off road is going to be a lot easier with less stress going to the chains and bearings on normal trail rides.