Bush Tracks have been installed: Updates on my on my 6x6 Frontier: Okay so I have installed the Alaska Bush tracks with swim paddles and had a chance to test them in some pretty extreme mud and swamp conditions and these are my observations:

1. These are extremely aggressive tracks and I have not run into any deep mud that even gives them a challenge. The machine knocks down cattails and digs into mud like they were not there. Because the grousers (and belts) go down so far on the tires I can haul ass down the trails without worrying about the grousers touching the body (this was always a concern, with Adair's because the track could rock on the tire and come into contact with the tub damaging the tub)

2. The tracks are loud, they really let you know they are there.

3. They do suck up power but all tracks do; but even with tracks on I can still hit GPS indicated speeds of 20 mph which is extremely surprising to me (I never had a 6x6 with tracks that could get down the trail that fast)

4. They don't swim well, I can get about 1mph GPS indicated speed in water, that speed does not cut it the areas I go into so I plan to break down the tracks and run the track as a Half Track with the front two tires tracked and the back tires in swim position. I am hoping I can get a two MPH swim speed in that configuration. I seriously doubt that I will ever be challenged in mud conditions with this half track configuration. I am told that using this half track configuration takes very little power away from the machine and gives the machine a very tire like feel (I will let you know after I test it)