Can you fix an argo tire?

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Thread: Can you fix an argo tire?

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    Can you fix an argo tire?

    I have Rawhide III tires on my 04 conquest, I have a small leak on the side of the tire, Can I put a patch inside? I know the tire deflects a lot when playing in rocks, will it last ?

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    As long as the inside of the tire is good it can be patched, use a larger patch (boot) about 2x4 and it should last a long time.

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    consider using an inner tube if nothing else works.

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    I've had great success with 4-5" radial patches on Rawhide III sidewalls.

    Make sure you do it correctly

    Here's a good video if you're not familiar with the process ATV Tire Repair Pt 1 - YouTube

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    Here's a great 2 part video for tire repair, best of luck

    just realized it's the same video.

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