22x10-8 Tire options

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Thread: 22x10-8 Tire options

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    22x10-8 Tire options

    Need to replace the tires on my 94 conquest 8x8. Really don’t want to pay $215 per tire for Carlisle tires. Are they worth it? I want tires that’ll swim and also work with the plastic tracks I have.

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    This may be an option:


    I do not know how they swim, but 2 of the reviews (in the ad) state that they work well on an argo, and 1 of the reviews mentions tracks.
    Are you in Canada?

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    4snow should swim in one direction, at least the original Ohtsu Htrack tire did. They will work in tracks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ARGOJIM View Post
    4snow should swim in one direction, at least the original Ohtsu Htrack tire did. They will work in tracks.
    My old Big Max II would swim ok with the firestone 3 bolts, but it would also go 40+mph flat out... I had the Honda/Ohtsu Pro-wedges on my ATC250R in the winter they were an awesome snow tire. I always wondered how the Max would go with 3x taller tread. I would think these 4-snow tires would work well especially with their 40% growth under acceleration

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