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Does anyone have an opinion on Deetstone d-930 https://deestonetireusa.com/d930/
for a swimming tire. These are 130. Best price I can get on carlisle from Argo is $260 cdn installed
I have those tires on my Argo in 22 inch. They are quite popular as a budget tire, especially for the older units. They are sold under quite a few names, most common is Duro hf243. I made a little write up for them comparing them to my old runamucks on the tire section of this site, I've found them to be a great budget tire for mud and rocks, but they don't swim very well. Some people find they don't swim at all, some find they swim a bit. There is a mod that you can do whereby you cut off most of the side knobs on the tire which apparently greatly increases their ability to swim. I plan to run mine in tracks though, so I haven't done the mod.