Looking to buy track tuners

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Thread: Looking to buy track tuners

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    Looking to buy track tuners


    I am looking to buy a set of track tuners. Last I talked to Adair they weren?t making them. Hoping someone has a set sitting around they would sell and save me the trouble of making my own.

    Shoot me a PM if you have anything, or know of a dealer that has some inventory. Seems crazy to me they?re not making these?

    Thanks all!

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    as long as you index your tires properly, you?ll avoid overloading your tensioners in the forward-traveling direction. Tuners mainly protect tensioners if you fail to do this on a flat track. They allow you to juggle tires and set pressures in a different pattern than what you are forced to do when you run flat tracks. They do reduce slip load under middle tires more on some tracks (rubber, steel) than on others (uhmw) which helps fuel economy a bit. Depending on which track you run, I personally would advise for or against them. They do force you to have to get your track tension just perfect as well since middle tires no longer contribute to driving the track. It?s a simple idler hub and spindle welded to a backer plate.

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