Read before posting in the Classifieds

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Thread: Read before posting in the Classifieds

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    Read before posting in the Classifieds

    All ads must adhere to our general forum rules.

    This means:
    -Absolutely NO dealers can post in the classifieds whatsoever even if you are selling a personal ATV or parts unrelated to your business.
    -If you have your own website or business selling ATVs or parts whether it is full time or not you can not post an ad here on the site even if you technically do not have a business license or tax ID number.
    -If you are repeatedly selling multiple quantities of the same part(s) you can not post a for sale ad here on the site.

    I am very strict on these rules and if I believe that you have broken these rules in any way I will remove your posts and contact you to let you know why. Do not be surprised or become angry when I do so. If you continue to break the rules after your warning I will permanently ban you from this site. If you disagree with the rules then you should leave immediately and post elsewhere.

    Again, I take these rules to an extreme to keep this site dedicated to the hobbyist. If you have any question as to whether you are allowed to post an ad in the classifieds PM me and ask first before you start a new thread and risk being banned.


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