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  • Adjusting Chains and Jackshafts on a Max II

    For anyone new to six wheelers, this is a short video showing you how to adjust the chains in a Max II. There are eight chains that need to be adjusted. The chains between the front and middle axles and the chains between the rear and middle axles are tightened using the ratcheting chain adjusters. The ones in the front are adjusted by pushing the adjusters down. The ones in the rear are adjusted by pulling the adjusters up. The remaining four chains are adjusted by moving the jackshafts. Moving the jackshaft forward tightens the chain between the jackshaft and the T20. Moving the jackshaft up tightens the chain between the jackshaft and the middle axle.

    It is important that your jackshaft is level and that it is parallel to the frame. If it wasn't set properly to begin with, it may take a few times of playing with the adjustment before you get it right but in the end, it will pay off with longer life for your chains.

    This video briefly touches on both the ratcheting adjusters and the jackshaft adjustment. I'm a little disappointed overall in how this video turned out. I lost some audio and a few clips so you don't get to see the entire process but none-the-less, it should still get the basic point across. If you have any questions feel free to post them.

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