6x6 World - Lubricating a Max 6x6 Throttle Cable

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  • Pressure lubricating a Max throttle cable

    Every time I go to start my Max in winter the throttle cable is frozen. I have a heated throttle cable but it takes about 20 min idling to get it free. I figured a good way to lube, purge the water and keep it from freezing.

    I took a condiment squeeze bottle I had laying around and filled it with antifreeze. You could put your own mixture in it if you are worried about using antifreeze.

    Removed the engine cover to get at the cable end. This engine is the 29 Kawasaki.

    Loosen the screw and the nut and pull the cable off the engine. Then push the cable into the squeeze bottle.

    Push tight against the outer cable housing and squeeze.

    You will see the water purge out and then your lube. It only takes a couple of minutes to do this and would probably be faster if you have a friend work the throttle back and forth while you squeeze the bottle.

    I probably have a least 100 new bottles like this laying around. I will give some to Jeff and Drew and we can give them out to whoever wants one.
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